World Bamboo Congress

Welcome to 12th World Bamboo Congress

Join us for the 12th World Bamboo Congress. Our target reschedule date is 18-22 September 2021. This global event will take place at National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan. The host of the 12th WBC is Taiwan Bamboo Society and the Taiwanese Forestry Bureau.

Celebrating all things bamboo, this event brings together global vanguards and advocates to share their know-hows in areas ranging from bamboo ecology and innovation to design and community development.

Held every three to four years in a selected host country, WBC is founded by the World Bamboo Organization to provide a platform for bamboo professionals and enthusiasts to boost the nascent bamboo industry. Since its inception in Puerto Rico in 1984, WBC has created prolific partnerships and spurred actions that benefited the environment and communities around the world.

As the host for the 12th edition of WBC, Taiwan boasts a rich bamboo heritage that spans over centuries and is the world’s top three bamboo-growing areas. Known as one of the best bamboo research and cultural bases in the world, Taiwan’s bamboo innovations include bamboo charcoal, biomass energy, green bamboo cultivation and bamboo construction. Blending traditional techniques with contemporary designs, Taiwan’s bamboo crafts have garnered rave reviews in the international arena.

Bamboo Now!

The Congress theme, Bamboo Now! illustrates the modern-day potential of bamboo in Taiwan and worldwide, according to Taiwan Bamboo Society President and WBC National Organizing Committee Chair Kan Ming-yuan.

“How do we find creative ways to use bamboo, explore its varied possibilities, change its perception as a poor man’s material and showcase its advantages and technology relevant to contemporary life? These are some of the areas we will explore at this year’s Congress” says Kan.


WBC will invite trailblazers from all over the world to share fruitful experiences in various fields such as bamboo ecology, cultivation, architecture, crafts, design, and community development.

Stimulating discourses aside, an interactive bamboo exhibition featuring state-of-the-art bamboo technology, bamboo craft culture, and bamboo applications in contemporary lifestyle, and a lifestyle marketplace will offer a holistic experience for participants and visitors. Akin to a festival, the marketplace features creative bamboo structures that house DIY activities, lifestyle products, musical shows, tasty edibles and various NGOs’ booths. 

International guests can gain an insight into Taiwan’s bamboo culture and tradition through musical performances, a scrumptious bamboo feast, tea ceremony and an optional field trip to Taiwan’s bamboo hub – Zhushan township in Central Taiwan. Fringe events like the World Bamboo Ambassadors Story Night lend the opportunity for bamboo ambassadors and bamboo society representatives worldwide to network and exchange ideas. 

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