World Bamboo Day - Taiwan 2020

Bamboo takes centerstage at 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival 

Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 9 September, 2020 —  Taiwan Bamboo Society (TBS) proudly presents a celebration of bamboo at the 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival from 18 September to 4 October. The largest annual art event in Taoyuan, this year’s theme, creative cityscaping, highlights bamboo as the integral medium.  

TBS’s showcase includes a mobile bamboo installation exhibition, a lifestyle marketplace and a magazine and book launch. 

Dubbed Bamboo Now, the curated exhibition features seven installation art by Taiwan-based architecture and design studios, an engineering consulting company, and students and faculty members from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)’s Graduate Institute of Architecture. A fitting prelude to the 2021 World Bamboo Congress in Taiwan, this exhibition aims to explore bamboo’s relevance in contemporary life and its infinite potential. Large-scale bamboo pavilions and installations provide spatial experiences for festival goers by engaging their senses through touch and feel. 

Designer Chou Yu-Jui’s Harbor tea pavilion for example, allows visitors to ‘experience’ the tea ceremony through ‘dialogues’ with nature. The pavilion’s external structure evokes a bamboo forest that rhymes with its natural environment. And the internal structure is a tranquil space under a dome fashioned by bamboo woven craft, evoking the philosophy of tea ceremony that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. 

Engineering consultant A.S Studio’s Mobile Bamboo Exhibition Pavilion demonstrates bamboo’s flexibility, strength and innovative potential using a new construction method. Made of Moso bamboo, steel joints and canvas, the Pavilion uses bamboo pillars for fencing space whilst the umbrella-shaped poles draped with canvas provide shelter. The tubular form of bamboo culms and its knots lend its light and tough features, thus making bamboo an excellent earthquake-resistant structural material and suitable for creating a foldable structural system.   

This exhibition pavilion can be disassembled and transported easily, spotlighting its practical applications.  

Apart from TBS’s showcase, the Festival features over 30 artworks from various artists. Notable highlights include renowned artist Wang Wen-Chih’s House of Yuzhang. A regular at Setouchi Triennale and international exhibitions, Wang is best known for his gigantic bamboo installation art. House of Yuzhang features multi-layers of bamboo weaving, a display of Wang’s bamboo- weaving expertise, that allows the light of the sun and moon to suffuse the inner space and create a shadow dance throughout the day. Measuring at 13m by 12m by 10m, the ‘sanctuary’ allows visitors to reflect, stimulate their senses and ponder the close connection between mankind and nature.     

Bamboo Market & Books launch

Co-organised by Green Media, Life with Bamboo Market features over 45 bamboo booths constructed by Taiwan Bamboo Society, which sells bamboo crafts and lifestyle products, organic produce and homemade foodstuffs. Visitors can sample freshly roasted artisanal coffee, organic tea or home-baked goods, shop for stylish bamboo jewellery or learn to make bamboo paper or bamboo harmonica.    

Jointly published by TBS and MATA, a special-edition periodical Island of Bamboos – A Brief History of Taiwan’s Bamboo Industry  (竹仔 非草非木的島內生活指南), and a bamboo construction handbook, From Bamboo to Bamboo House – A Guide to Bamboo Construction for Everyone (從竹子到竹房子), co-published by TBS and Green Media, will be launched during the Festival. 


Life with Bamboo Market

From Bamboo to Bamboo House

A Guide to Bamboo Construction for Everyone


Island of Bamboos

a brief history of the bamboo industry in Taiwan

World Bamboo Day

To celebrate World Bamboo Day which falls on 18 September, TBS will also host a concurrent event Go Taiwan Bamboo La! at Yunlin Storyhouse in Yunlin County. To be held from 10am to 5pm, the event includes a bamboo story-telling session, bamboo-themed talks and bamboo-weaving workshop. All activities are free except for the workshops. Please refer to the attached poster for a full line-up of activities.