WBC will invite trailblazers from all over the world to share fruitful experiences in various fields such as bamboo ecology, cultivation, architecture, crafts, design, and community development.

Stimulating discourses aside, an interactive bamboo exhibition featuring state-of-the-art bamboo technology, bamboo craft culture, and bamboo applications in contemporary lifestyle, and a lifestyle marketplace will offer a holistic experience for participants and visitors. Akin to a festival, the marketplace features creative bamboo structures that house DIY activities, lifestyle products, musical shows, tasty edibles and various NGOs’ booths. 

International guests can gain an insight into Taiwan’s bamboo culture and tradition through musical performances, a scrumptious bamboo feast, tea ceremony and an optional field trip to Taiwan’s bamboo hub – Zhushan township in Central Taiwan. Fringe events like the World Bamboo Ambassadors Story Night lend the opportunity for bamboo ambassadors and bamboo society representatives worldwide to network and exchange ideas. 

The organizer reserves the right to modify the agenda.