David Knight

David Knight

"Renewable Bamboo Fiber"


David Knight is co-founder, President and CEO of Resource Fiber LLC, the only vertically integrated bamboo fiber products company in the U.S. Resource Fiber is growing bamboo and manufacturing high-performing bamboo industrial products while developing bamboo bio-composites for plastics, carbon fiber and polymers for 3-D printing. The company’s bamboo nursery is the largest in the U.S.

As a strategic visionary with a track record of innovative problem-solving in high growth and challenging environments, David sets the company’s strategic vision and development strategies, establishing values and building company culture, raising and allocating capital, and business development. In addition, David is a Certified Business Intermediary known for the development of new business segments with an emphasis on sustainability and delivering strong bottom line results.

David also co-founded Teragren Fine Bamboo Flooring, Panels & Worktops in 1998 with his wife and business partner, Ann Knight. Together, the Knights pioneered and developed the bamboo flooring industry in the U.S. to create a complementary raw material to wood. During David and Ann’s tenure, Teragren became the nation’s industry leading consumer brand, setting the U.S. standard for quality bamboo building products through stringent manufacturing specifications and continuous product innovation.

With 20+ years’ experience in the bamboo products industry, David remains passionate about promoting the use of bamboo to a large and growing market with an emphasis on sustainability and delivering strong bottom line results.