11th World Bamboo Congress


Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
August 14-18, 2018


It has been 26 years since I attended my first international bamboo event, and for 26 years I have worked to coordinate the bamboo network that has become the World Bamboo Congress. Each Congress has been a challenge, a lot of work, and a success in one way or another. Each Congress has brought together people from around the world to SHARE bamboo science, culture, technology, innovations, biology, art, and more.

The WBC is a non-governmental platform. We are not tied to politics or goverened by rules. We believe in democracy in the truest sense of the word : Everyone is equal. Our goal is to showcase what is happening in bamboo around the world and promote the sustainable development of industry, innovation and economy, and to protect bamboo ecosystems.

In Mexico we truly succeeded to do this!

We were over 400 people from nearly 50 countries! We were artisans, small plantation owners, botanists, growers, builders, engineers, foresters, designers, architects, students, business leaders, citizens, and friends.

Thank you to those who came as speakers, sponsors, organizers, exhibitors and attendees. I hope it was a postiive experience for everyone. For me, it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and also make new friends.

We had 21 invited presentations, 30 selected speakers (from over 100 papers), poster presentations, videos, Cornelius Boots' shakuhachi concert, exhibitions by artists and vendors, an amazing electric car wrapped in bamboo (Taketora!), and a fantastic audience from all over the world.

21 World Bamboo Ambassadors attended. These people are the future of the World Bamboo Organization. Their pledge is simple : "We are committed to show the world that we are serious about bamboo, we see the potentials and opportunities of this incredible natural resource, and we will work together with the World Bamboo Organization to expand our voice, to shout it loudly, whenever we can."

I am forever grateful to this team of Ambassadors.

We are also very grateful to the team of Bambúes y Forestales de México, our national partner for the 11th World Bamboo Congress! Muchas gracias to Mauricio Guillaumin, Eduardo D'Esezarte, Sergio Hernandez, Jessica Zalapa and the rest of this great team for making it all happen in Xalapa.

Stay tuned: See you in Taiwan, October 2020


World Bamboo Congress Mexico

WORLD BAMBOO CONGRESS MEXICO from Oscar Heju on the WBO You Tube.


The mission of the World Bamboo Organization is to promote and support the use of bamboo as a sustainable and alternative natural resource through the development of partnerships and alliances, and the creation of mechanisms for global communication, information exchange, and technology transfer.

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